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July 24, 2011
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Jul 22, 2011, 5:57:04 PM
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Lila and Duke 5 by AkimaDoll Lila and Duke 5 by AkimaDoll
My friend's three-year-old daughter Lila, and my American Saddlebred horse Duke. Lila is barely bigger than Duke's head, and even though he weighs nearly 1300lbs he is a true gentle giant, especially around Lila!
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Saveedra Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
Just precious. Wow.
haloonahorse1121314 Featured By Owner May 1, 2013
Mojo-Stables-Kennels Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lovely photo!
Is this what a Saddlebreds show halter looks like?
AkimaDoll Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012  Professional Photographer
Thank you!

I'm guessing you're asking about halter/in hand classes? Saddlebred's aren't shown in halters, they are shown in a bridle with just a curb bit after the age of three (snaffle at 2, special bitless bridle younger than that). That is simply a leather halter, although I grant you that it is his nice-one-for-shows-only halter!
Mojo-Stables-Kennels Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah okay, would you happen to have a picture of one or be able to link me to one? I don't know much about real life horses lol but I need to know how to draw the proper bridle for my virtual saddlebreds lol :D then I have to find a proper NSH one too :D

His halter is very nice, reminds me of how my friends dog has his special going out only collar :D
AkimaDoll Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012  Professional Photographer
How on earth did you discover Saddlebreds out in Australia? I know there are some out there, but they generally aren't the standard type. They're a fabulous breed though, I'm glad you did find them!

[link] shows a horse stripped during a riding class, so the snaffle bit is still there. When they call far a class to be stripped you leave the snaffle rein around the neck, but use the curb to present the horse. :thumb289324099: shows it more from the side, a bridle without the snaffle. For about the last ten years the style in Saddlebreds has been for a plain red/dark red browband, and a flat brown caveson - any other colors gets you instantly labeled a n00b, or an idiot, or (the kiss of death) a TWH person. In Arabians they are a bit more colorful, but red is still a very popular choice.

As far as I know Arab and NSH are presented the same way bit-wise. Hackney's are shown in hand with the same type of curb bit, but never when ridden or driven. Almost all the horses in my gallery are Saddlebreds and Hackneys (because that's what I have), so feel free to look around and check out the tack and stuff! And if you have any other questions feel free to ask!
Mojo-Stables-Kennels Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't know, books, internet, Deviantart, :iconhorseart-rpg: a mix of those i guess would have been how I discovered them :D

Oh cool, do you mind if I use that for a reference to get the bridle right?
and could you possibly tell me what this bridle is for [link] ?
I like Arabian bridles, love the fancy tassly ones :)
AkimaDoll Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2012  Professional Photographer
Sure you can use that picture as a ref.

That bridle is an Arabian show halter. Same concept but different style to the type used on young Saddlebreds. As far as I know, all Arabs are shown in-hand in that kind of bridle (I know for dure the young horses are). They are as minimal as possible so as not to distract from the fine bone structure of the head.
Mojo-Stables-Kennels Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh okay thankyou!
AyAequus Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Too much feelings in this shot. Well done, love it :)
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